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Former Arch-Atheist, the world renowned ethologist Richard Dawkins has joined the Church of Scientology.

"Evolutionary Biology and slagging off religious people is great fun and everything," he said, "but I've secretly always wanted to hang out with John Travolta."

"Logically, the best way to do that is to become a Scientologist and work my way up the ranks. My dream is to learn to do the Saturday Night Fever dance, I'm getting measured up for a new pair of flared trousers tomorrow actually."

This latest move caused an avalanche of apathy along with mild disinterest within the atheist community although after half an hour they went back to their science and philosophy books. As of yet, nobody has burnt any of the Professor's books or tried to excommunicate or behead him.

"Whatever." said one young female atheist with a lisp and big boobs.

"Fuck him." quipped a bearded man carrying a telescope.

"Dianetics is awesome. It turns out I'm a Level Fifteen Operating Thetan actually. Which is nice." said Dawkins.

"Mind you, that Tom Cruise is a bit of a dick."


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